Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Better, no?

As you can see, I've converted the site to a new template, and things are looking quite a bit more legible and clean.  I really liked the menu bar on the last one, and I'm not crazy about the tabs on this one, but the simple fact is that legibility is the number one priority.  That, and this site is really just a means to an end anyway; all I want is a simple way for you to be able to download my stories FOR FREE!

Speaking of the stories, I've also just finished uploading the cover images of each story into the series pages.  I hope this will give you a clearer idea of the feel of each story, in order to aid you in selecting one you might enjoy.  I know I rarely buy a book with a lame cover, unless I'm 100% sure the story is awesome, and I don't expect you all to have that level of confidence in me just yet.  Here's hoping we get there.

And on the issue of covers, some of the earlier Jim Frankenstein covers are pretty lame, and don't represent the stories all that well.  SO when I get some free time, I'm probably going to make/commission some new designs for Hidden Deeds, Forgotten Soul and Rock & Roll Christmas. 

Oh, and that reminds me!  I've commissioned my very talented friend Ben Kauffman to do a cover for the upcoming story Upon the Summit of the City.  I've known Ben for 27 years (which is insane, because I'm only 30) and I've had the privilege of watching his artistic proclivities blossom into a genuine talent that approaches genius.  I really look forward to seeing what he comes up with, and rest assured you all will get a glimpse of it in advance of the story's release.

I also made a minor update to the FAQ, it came to my attention that the download links aren't quite as self-explanatory on a computer as they should be on a phone or tablet, so I made note of the fact that on a computer it is necessary to RIGHT-CLICK on the link and select "Save As" from the drop-down menu.  Simple enough.

If anyone is having issues with the downloads, or any issues reading them PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP SO I CAN FIX THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Post on my wall on Facebook, message me on Twitter, leave a comment here, whatever it takes!  I really want to make sure this is a simple, one-click process so that everyone can check out these stories with a minimum of fuss!

As always, I humbly beg for your support by liking/following me on the various social networks I'm currently on (there's a handy cluster of links and buttons right there on the sidebar; you don't even have to leave this site!), and by SHARING links to this site on your social media pages!  In return, I desperately want to lend support to whatever you are working on, so please let me know!  Drop me a comment here, post on my Facebook wall, whatever you're comfortable with, and I will blast you to the masses!

Thanks for all your support so far!  Hope you're all enjoying the stories!

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