Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Book Available!

In the spirit of keeping the content flowing, I've just published a collection of essays, fragments and poetry from the long years of drudgery before I struck out to be a full-time writer.  Check it out by clicking the unrelated works tab above, or just click here.

Some of the stuff has been published before; the first essay, "My Beliefs on the Nature and Structure of the Universe" was featured on my other blog Pete Rambles, which is currently lying dormant, as I've had nothing in particular to ramble about lately.  I edited "The War of the Grill" (which was published on my old food blog, which no longer exists) into a short non-fictional story, and it's in there too.  Two of the poems were published in different obscure anthologies, but I've since lost track of them (they weren't particularly reputable).

In addition to my ambitions as a science fiction author, I am on occasion possessed by the urge to write on a specific subject that does not fit well into my story universe.  Most of these instances will be well covered by blogging, but I would like to publish some of them sometimes, just so they exist.  All the writers I respect most have written pieces that fall outside the main thrust of their body of work, and I plan to be no exception.

At any rate, work soldiers on.  I'm still tinkering with the website, though no major changes have emerged yet, and I'm still looking into Google Play and iTunes, though I haven't made any moves there yet.  Once the next story is finished, I'm probably going to divert some time into coming up with an official "Collected Early Works" volume that will gather together all the existing material, along with a bunch of bonus stuff, and publish it via CreateSpace or Blurb.  It'd be nice to see everything printed on paper, even though I'm not a paper kind of guy.  And those of you who have trouble getting stoked about an ebook that reads on your phone can have a physical copy if you want.  I promise it will be as cheap as humanly possible, and your support would be so appreciated I could never express my gratitude sans tearful embrace.

And, as always, let me know what's going on in your creative/business life so I can lend my support the way you have graciously lent yours to me.  May the wind be ever at our backs!

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