Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Story Available!

As promised, "The Way Out" is now available for free download, formatted for either your smartphone or tablet. For info on what you'll need to read it, head over to the FAQ (just click the tab above, and don't worry, it couldn't be easier! All the links you'll need are there!). If you already know how to get the stories, head over to the Colonist Saga page and download the new story!
This particular tale is based on a series of dreams I've had over the years. Many of my stories have roots in my dreams, but the John Bell stories (oh yes, there will be more) are where I like to use my most surreal and emotional experiences.
Furthermore, John Bell and his travels will figure prominently in future stories. The ramifications will be far reaching, and I hope reading these surrealist tales now will enhance your experience further down the line.
Next, I'm finishing up "Upon the Summit of the City" which I'm extra super excited about. I hope you will like it as much as I do!  You should see that up here in 2 weeks max. I have some freelance work to do, but I've scheduled everything out to make time for finishing this story. After that, who knows? Maybe its time for another adventure with our old pal Jim Frankenstein? Stay tuned!
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Thanks for everything, and I hope you enjoy the story!
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