Thursday, October 09, 2014

New plans for NaNoWriMo

So a few of you may remember my post back in August, asking you which novel I should pursue this November.  I got some great feedback, and I was all set to write Knowing Then, but then things got a little crazy for me.
See, for the last few months, I've been working on the first official Jim Frankenstein novel, and my original plan was to have a rough draft of that finished by November.  But then my freelance career got a swift kick in the pants, and I've been totally overwhelmed; I haven't touched the novel in months.  For a disciplined writer like me, leaving a half-completed novel untouched for that long is like holding in a sneeze.
But there has been a silver lining in this storm cloud.  All this time off from the novel has given me the opportunity to reconsider some elements of the book, and come up with a lot of new ideas to improve the story.  I also had the chance to read James Scott Bell's excellent book Write Your Novel From The Middle which literally changed the way I think about stories.  Any of you who are writers would do well to check this book out.
Anyway, the proverbial iron is hot on this Jim Frankenstein novel, and I've decided to strike.  I really want to write Knowing Then, but I've just been having more ideas about the JF book, and it'd be a shame to waste them.  Plus, as any creative person knows, it's basically pointless to try and work on project B when all you're thinking about is project A.  It's a surefire way to come up with sub-par work.
So I need to check the rules on NaNoWriMo, see if it's even kosher to sign on with a half-finished draft.  I'm planning on rewriting 90% of it, based on the new direction I'm taking things in, but some people might still consider that cheating.  If so, then I'll just have to do my own private NaNoWriMo, because this novel is getting written this November, come hell or high water.
The great news for those of you who picked up a copy of 3 Futures (get your copy here) is that the forthcoming JF novel picks up right where Hidden Deeds leaves off.  So it puts less distance between you and a sequel.  I'll draw up a little teaser and let you guys in on what's in store for Father Jim here in a few days.

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