Monday, August 24, 2015

The Re-Launch of the Seraphim Universe

The two or three of you that have been following my blogs over the past few years will know that I'm not the most rigorous or dedicated blogger.  I primarily use blogging to vent periodic thoughts and frustrations regarding the craft of writing, or life in general.  For the most part, I've kept those disconnected, barely-interesting thoughts to my personal blog Pete Rambles.  But in the last few months, I've found myself blogging about increasingly random subjects here on this site.  I originally created this site to be a source for news and info regarding my published works, and in light of some recent changes, I've decided to revert this site to what it was intended to be.
This is largely because I've signed on to lead a two-part plotting workshop for the Central Arkansas chapter of NaNoWriMo this fall (for more info, check out the Central Arkansas NaNo site, or the Central Arkansas Writers Facebook Page).  I've spent the last weeks gathering materials for the workshop, and I've found myself with a wealth of resources that may be of interest to the general writing public.
Among those resources are a handful of posts from this very blog.  But rather than direct workshop participants here, I thought it would be more fitting to launch a new blog aimed at mentoring and providing resources to my fellow authors, so that everything can be curated in a more organized fashion.
That new blog is called How's the Novel Coming, and I have high hopes that it will grow into a thriving discussion about writing, editing, and storytelling in general.
But this doesn't spell the end of The Seraphim Universe--this site is just taking a step into the background.  I'll be managing it more like a static website, rather than a blog (after all, I never really kept it as active as a blog should be), and it will continue to be available for any who are curious about what I've published, where I've published it, and what I'm working on next.
All my writing-related posts have been moved to How's the Novel Coming, and all my personal thoughts, random ramblings and unsolicited opinions have been moved to where they should have been all along, Pete Rambles.  Head on over to either site to see what's new, and keep an eye on this site for any news of upcoming published works.  I'm making steady progress on the first official Jim Frankenstein novel, so look forward to that some time in the future.
Until next time!

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