Monday, February 29, 2016

The Seraphim Universe is now!

After redesigning How's The Novel Coming?, I got to thinking. See, when I first started the Seraphim Universe, I knew precious little about building an online presence as an author (an "author platform", as they call it). The site was intended purely as a distribution point for the stories that take place in my fictional world; a DIY alternative to sites like Amazon, where I could give my stuff away for free if I wanted.

Over time, the site mutated into an unhealthy combination: part personal blog, part writing tips site, part distribution center. It was getting messy. So I broke it out into three more focused sites; The Seraphim Universe, How's The Novel Coming?, and Pete Rambles. And that was a good choice.

But as I continued to grow, I learned that a thriving author platform is one of the primary things literary agents look for in an author. Besides, every writer--lowly aspirant or seasoned journeyman--needs a website about them. Readers, even if there are only a handful of them, need a place to suss out information. And I made the Seraphim Universe into just that; in recent months I retooled it as a website about my writing. I still distribute selected works here, but the site has grown into the definitive resource on my career.

Only one thing was missing: the name. See, I got kinda attached to "the Seraphim Universe" being a thing, because that term will probably never come up in my stories. It's just my pet name for the story universe, and frankly, there's no need to advertise it. When it comes down to it, what matters most is that when somebody googles my name, they end up here.

So here it is, the rebranded website! Now, everything is as it should always have been. Nothing has changed, really, just the name. You can still download my stories and pay whatever you want for them (including nothing), and I will still be posting the stories from 3 Futures here as soon as I get around to editing them.

Let me know if you see any errors on the site, any references to the old name, or any broken links. As always, I appreciate your support!

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