3 Futures

3 Futures is the ideal introduction to my work. It's the perfect weekend read for the casual sci-fi fan or the neophyte looking for an approachable starting point in this vast and popular genre.

3 Futures is now out of print, but 10 author signed copies are still available. Contact me for information.

The first story, Hidden Deeds is taken from the series Jim Frankenstein, Rock & Roll Space Priest, which chronicles the adventures of Father Jim Frankenstein. In Hidden Deeds, Jim travels to Earth's Moon to investigate a possible case of demonic possession. Instead, he finds government corruption, new enemies, and a monster he believed to exist only in fairy tales.

Walker, The Prophet is the overture to a forthcoming story-cycle entitled Tales of Unknown Earth, which details the trials and tribulations of those who survive Earth's final disaster. Walker, The Prophet shows us a vignette of human society as it crawls out of the rubble of the past, and gives us insight into the stories that shape it.

Upon the Summit of the City is drawn from The Colonist Saga, a far-reaching group of stories concerning the fate of human civilization as it reaches outward into the galaxy. In Upon the Summit of the City, we get our first look at Arkat Rowland Hawkes, a seemingly innocuous hypnophobe whose understanding of the universe is revolutionized by an encounter with a strange relic from the past.

Praise for 3 Futures:

"Peter T McQueeny is a rare bird, who takes flight every time he puts pen to paper! He has the ability to take deep and complex themes, and unravel them in a way that compels his readers to turn the next page, eager for the next twist or revelation. He does this with such an easy style, saturated in good natured humor. The deeper messages behind his tales just seem to creep up and grip your heart before you know its happening. I highly recommend McQueeny’s stories, and have no question that you will love this superb collection of science fiction short stories. The only problem you may encounter, is that you will be left begging for more!”

-David Lee Martin, Author, Blogger and Creative Coach (LearnScrivener.net / Jesus Christ.co.uk)

"Every once in a while a book comes out by a new author that seems to transcend time and genre, leaving you astonished and eager for more when it’s over. This is one of those books."

-Luke Narlee, Amazon reviewer

"This is a magnificently written collection of short stories that leave your mind contemplating the "What if's". McQueeny's imagination and writing style is brilliantly showcased in each of these stories."

-Paul Kempton, Amazon Reviewer