About Me

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My name is Peter McQueeny, and I'm a story addict. I write adventurous horror/science fiction, with elements of space opera and cyberpunk. I love genre mash-ups, zany characters, and ridiculous, over-the-top action.

I've published a collection of short stories entitled 3 Futures with Catharsis Fiction, and variously self-published short stories through Amazon. I am currently working on the first full-length novel in my series Jim Frankenstein, Rock and Roll Space Priest, which concerns the adventures of a whiskey-swilling Catholic priest who fights demons in space with a magic bass guitar.

I spent way too much of my childhood reading, way too much of my early adulthood watching movies, and way too much of my current life binge-watching Netflix series. I'm addicted to stories, and I can be very opinionated when they don't live up to my expectations. I exorcise my anger demons at my writing tips website How's the Novel Coming?

I love gut-busting death metal, pipes and pipe tobacco, smelling whiskey for an irritatingly long time, tattoos that look like they belong in the margins of a high-schooler's spiral notebook, playing imaginary drums with my fingers, and irritating my wife by wearing bandannas. I love God, have a crush on the Devil, devour science like candy and candy like it's a science, avoid political discussions like the plague, and pride myself on being ridiculous almost all the time. To read my half-crazed babbling about subjects various and sundry, check out my personal blog Pete Rambles.

Have problems, questions, or feedback on the site? Contact me! I answer every email I get.