Enemy of Existence
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A new world. A reluctant band of colonists. A violent secret.

They came to find refuge from the war that destroyed their home. Instead they found an enemy more savage and relentless than any they had faced before.

With no link to the world he left behind, one man must fight a losing battle for humanity's existence, and it will change everything he knows.

Enemy of Existence is available in the anthology Coming Around Again, from the Central Arkansas Speculative Fiction Writer's Group.

Coming Around Again is available on Amazon

Jim Frankenstein, Rock and Roll Space Priest in:
The Guest on the Belovo

Jim Frankenstein barely made it out of his last assignment alive. But thanks to a good friend, he's safely locked away in hypersleep, on his way to greener pastures.

Until a cryptic distress signal throws a wrench in the works.

Soon, Jim finds himself face-to-face with a man claiming to be an advanced alien. Jim suspects there's more to the story, but before he can do anything about it, disaster strikes. Now he must convince a skeptical spaceship captain to trust him, so he can do what Jim Frankenstein does best: banish evil with his magic bass guitar, Ishmael.

Just another day at the office for Jim Frankenstein.

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In the wake of tragedy, Sophie Liang just wants to get her life back to normal. Before she can, she has to go on a final adventure with the one person she doesn't want to see.

But something worse than awkwardness awaits her; something terrible and wondrous.

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Jim Frankenstein, Rock & Roll Space Priest in:
Hidden Deeds

Jim is sent to Earth’s Moon to investigate the case of a distressed woman whose doctor suspects she's possessed. To Jim's dismay, the woman turns out to be the wife of a mean-tempered DIC official who is not at all pleased to have Jim on the case.

Along with Dr. Frank Simoneaux, Jim attempts to help the woman, but he is thwarted by the frustrated husband and confounded by the woman’s condition…until the truth is revealed in a moment of sheer terror!

Hidden Deeds was available in the collection 3 Futures, which is now out of print. Check back for new availability in the coming months.

Jim Frankenstein, Rock and Roll Space Priest in:
Sins of the Flesh

Father Jim Frankenstein always dreamed of leaving the chaos of the Sol system behind. The Catholic church saved his life, but the never-ending battle against evil has taken its toll on him.

Now he's bound for a new homeworld in the Alpha Centauri system. There, Jim finds a strange and fascinating culture, and for the first time in his eleven-year career as a priest, he actually has a flock to tend to.

When demons from the past threaten Jim's new home, he faces opposition from his superiors, and temptation from every side. Now Jim must decide how far out of line he's willing to step to protect the people he cares about.

Read an excerpt from Sins of the Flesh here!

Upon the Summit of the City

Arkat Rowland Hawkes doesn't sleep. Every blink is death. As long as he sticks to his routine, he survives.

But one day, that routine is interrupted by a relic from the ancient past. Arkat is taken on a journey that forces him to confront his demons, and changes his understanding of the universe.

Upon the Summit of the City was available in the collection 3 Futures, which is now out of print. Check back for new availability in the coming months.

Walker, The Prophet

Decades after the cataclysm, humans have begun to rise from the ashes of their past. Noam, an elder of the tribe, has gone on the sacred Walk every year since his seventh, and he's told the sacred story many times. But this time, his young granddaughter is going on the Walk for the first time.

Amongst the ruins of the past, Noam tells her and the tribe the tale of Walker, the man who was touched by a Godlike being, and led his people to salvation.

Walker, the Prophet was available in the collection 3 Futures, which is now out of print. Check back for new availability in the coming months.

3 Futures
Out of Print

3 Futures was available from Catharsis Fiction, a small imprint out of Los Angeles. The book was designed as an introduction to my work, and a quick weekend read for the casual sci-fi fan or neophyte.

It collects three of my earliest stories: Hidden Deeds, Walker, The Prophet, and Upon the Summit of the City, as well as an original foreword.

3 Futures is now out of print, but 10 author signed copies are still available. Contact me for information.


A short collection of material from the time before I began a serious career as a writer. Included are two philosophical essays, one short non-fiction story, one short fiction story, and four poems, bookended by two of my favorite fragments from my backlog of writing. Includes an original foreword.