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Available now in Coming Around Again, an anthology from the CASFWG. Buy it on Amazon!

A new world. A reluctant band of colonists. A violent secret.
They came to find refuge from the war that destroyed their home. Instead they found an enemy more savage and relentless than any they had faced before.
With no link to the world he left behind, one man must fight a losing battle for humanity's existence, and it will change everything he knows.

Jim Frankenstein barely made it out of his last assignment alive. But thanks to a good friend, he's safely locked away in hypersleep, on his way to greener pastures.
Until a cryptic distress signal throws a wrench in the works.
Soon, Jim finds himself face-to-face with a man claiming to be an advanced alien being. Jim suspects there's more to the story, but before he can do anything about it, disaster strikes. Now he must convince a skeptical spaceship captain to trust him, so he can do what Jim Frankenstein does best: banish evil with his magic bass guitar, Ishmael.
Just another day at the office for Jim Frankenstein.

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