Jim Frankenstein, Rock & Roll Space Priest

In the 25th Century, humanity is spread across five solar systems. Things are mostly peaceful, thanks to the vigilant eye of the Department of Interstellar Colonization, a secretive organization that regulates all trade and travel between the systems. But evil and terror lurk in the shadows of this futuristic world.

Thankfully, we have Jim Frankenstein: a whiskey-swilling, wise-cracking Catholic missionary who fends off the forces of evil with his magic bass guitar, Ishmael.

Dive into Jim's world, where technology has become as fundamental as your eyes and ears, where humans live in fantastic worlds of beauty and danger, and where nobody is quite what they seem.


Jim Frankenstein, Rock and Roll Space Priest in:
The Guest on the Belovo

Jim Frankenstein barely made it out of his last assignment alive. But thanks to a good friend, he's safely locked away in hypersleep, on his way to greener pastures.

Until a cryptic distress signal throws a wrench in the works.

Soon, Jim finds himself face-to-face with a man claiming to be an advanced alien. Jim suspects there's more to the story, but before he can do anything about it, disaster strikes. Now he must convince a skeptical spaceship captain to trust him, so he can do what Jim Frankenstein does best: banish evil with his magic bass guitar, Ishmael.

Just another day at the office for Jim Frankenstein.

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Jim Frankenstein, Rock and Roll Space Priest in:
Hidden Deeds

Jim is sent to Earth’s Moon to investigate the case of a distressed woman whose doctor suspects she's possessed. To Jim's dismay, the woman turns out to be the wife of a mean-tempered DIC official who is not at all pleased to have Jim on the case.

Along with Dr. Frank Simoneaux, Jim attempts to help the woman, but he is thwarted by the frustrated husband and confounded by the woman’s condition…until the truth is revealed in a moment of sheer terror!

Hidden Deeds was available in the collection 3 Futures, which is now out of print. Check back for new availability in the coming months.

Jim Frankenstein, Rock and Roll Space Priest in:
Sins of the Flesh

Father Jim Frankenstein always dreamed of leaving the chaos of the Sol system behind. The Catholic church saved his life, but the never-ending battle against evil has taken its toll on him.

Now he's bound for a new homeworld in the Alpha Centairi system. There, Jim finds a strange and fascinating culture, and for the first time in his eleven-year career as a priest, he actually has a flock to tend to.

When demons from the past threaten Jim's new home, he faces opposition from his superiors, and temptation from every side. Now Jim must decide how far out of line he's willing to step to protect the people he cares about.

Read an excerpt from Sins of the Flesh here!