Tales of Unknown Earth

Even after the greatest cataclysm Earth has ever known, the spirit of humanity lives on.

Humanity's first attempt at hyperspatial travel ended in utter disaster.  The remnants of the Five Systems are embroiled in civil war, and the last shreds of government are pushing a new wave of colonization that will eventually spread across the galaxy.

Meanwhile, back on our home planet, humans still survive.  Forgotten by their brethren, they scrape their living out of the rubble left behind by the awesome catastrophe.  But humanity is tough to break, and within a few centuries, a new civilization emerges; different from the ones before, but no less wondrous, and no less deadly.

Walker, The Prophet

Decades after the cataclysm, humans have begun to rise from the ashes of their past. Noam, an elder of the tribe, has gone on the sacred Walk every year since his seventh, and he's told the sacred story many times. But this time, his young granddaughter is going on the Walk for the first time.

Amongst the ruins of the past, Noam tells her and the tribe the tale of Walker, the man who was touched by a Godlike being, and led his people to salvation.

Walker, the Prophet was available in the collection 3 Futures, which is now out of print. Check back for new availability in the next few months.