The Colonist Saga

Humanity's legacy lives on, sweeping across the Milky Way.

The Five Systems are a distant memory, soon to degenerate into myth.  Humanity has mastered hyperspatial travel and settled the Galaxy.  But an unknown danger lurks just outside of the borders of the River of Heaven Alliance, and within them, a new paradigm of consciousness is busily manifesting itself.  Which will prove the bigger threat to the continued existence of humanity?  And if humans continue to exist and expand into the universe, what must they become?

Enemy of Existence
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A new world. A reluctant band of colonists. A violent secret.

They came to find refuge from the war that destroyed their home. Instead they found an enemy more savage and relentless than any they had faced before.

With no link to the world he left behind, one man must fight a losing battle for humanity's existence, and it will change everything he knows.

Enemy of Existence is available in the anthology Coming Around Again, from the Central Arkansas Speculative Fiction Writer's Group.

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Upon the Summit of the City

Arkat Rowland Hawkes doesn't sleep. Every blink is death. As long as he sticks to his routine, he survives.

But one day, that routine is interrupted by a relic from the ancient past. Arkat is taken on a journey that forces him to confront his demons, and changes his understanding of the universe.

Upon the Summit of the City was available in the collection 3 Futures. Check back for new availability in the coming months.