The Five Systems Chronicles

More stories from the world of the Five Systems, where Jim Frankenstein's adventures take place.

Four-hundred years in the future, humanity's exploration of the galaxy is in its infancy. Five star systems are settled, and each has developed a unique cultural and political identity. Under the shadowy gaze of the Department of Interstellar Colonization, a tense peace exists between the disparate worlds.

In a futuristic, yet familiar environment where technology is woven into the flesh of nearly every man woman and child, humans live out their lives as always; making love and making war, building and destroying, ending lives and creating new ones.


In the wake of tragedy, Sophie Liang just wants to get her life back to normal. Before she can, she has to go on a final adventure with the one person she doesn't want to see.
But something worse than awkwardness awaits her; something terrible and wondrous.

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