Other Works

Other Works by Peter T. McQueeny

Though most of my energy is focused on the Seraphim Universe (the story universe in which most of my fiction takes place), there are significant amounts of other writing I have done, or plan to do.  At various times, I like to write philosophy or other non-fictional things, and I have even written a smattering of poetry in my day.  This page is where you will find such works, if I deem them fit to see the light of day.

Ramblings - Essays, Fragments and Poetry Cobbled Together for Your Enjoyment

A short collection of material from the time before I began a serious career as a writer.  Included are two philosophical essays, one short non-fiction story, one short fiction story, and four poems, bookended by two of my favorite fragments from my backlog of writing.  Includes an original foreword.

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